JP Powder Coating

# Lookin' gooooood.

Powder coating is a popular modification whether to add colour or refinish a dull or stained part. Rims, valve covers, turbos, and pipes are popular targets. Powder coating has three basic steps: sandblast (remove any old paint or whatever), apply powder (colour), and bake (melt the powder). The key is outstanding preparation.

A few years ago, Brett introduced me to JP’s Powder Coating^, Josh has become a friend, is a long time Audi/VW enthusiast, and he and his team are happy to advise. He’s done a lot of wheels, valve covers, turbos, and pipes – he gets it. When you drop off your stuff, a few things to remember - and do tag everything….

  • Colour you want – be sure and clear. Multiple colours are possible.
  • Intended use: just for fun, daily driver, show car, race car?
  • When will it likely be done: or when do you need it done?
  • How much is it going to cost?

When the parts come back, look them over carefully – now is the moment. The finish will be similar to an enamel sink - a hard finish but it will scratch and you can chip it if you treat it roughly. When bolting it on, be careful with sockets and wrenches and don’t over torque.

Cleaning depends on whether an engine part (gets hot) or something like a wheel. Engine parts use a wax and grease remover on a soft cloth, then dry. Things like wheels can be cleaned with soap and water and waxed as you would do your car’s body paint. Always, soft cloths.

What have would you like powder coated?

JP Powder Coating is in the south end of Kitchener. Email Josh here.


I’ve had two intake manifolds done. The first was my initial experience with powder coating. What a difference from the OEM finish. Tom Kristensien signed it at a show I was at in VIrginia.

With the second intake, I applied some lessons learned. After blasting, I did a lot of hand grinding removing casting marks and standoffs I wasn’t going to use. Smoothed everything out. Removed the various vacuum fittings – don’t break these - and took off the injector bases. Prep work baby, prep work.