Disk Brake Canada

# Eventually, we all need brakes.

DBC operates here in Canada as Cross Drilled Rotors^ with operations in Toronto and Montreal. You can order from their site and parts get shipped to you. Convenient and quick. They are also on Facebook^.

Sam shared a couple interesting customer stories, which speak to their engineering ability and service. One customer had two left calipers for an old Datsun and they reconfigured one to fit the right side, no small task. Another customer had rotors he wanted drilled – that already had slots/veins in them. The slots were curved which prevented a coherent pattern: their CNC technician took the time to get it done well.

Yes, they do rebuild and custom work for special projects and out of production parts! Like many manufacturers these days, they're starting to use 3D printing for rapid prototyping and custom fit work.

Drop Sam an email with any questions. Audi Club members are welcome to use VAG20 for 20% off your order. Your membership number also required.