Audi Mississauga & Brampton

# Long term friend of the membership

Bramgate Automotive has three Audi dealers: Brampton^, Mississauga^, and Mississauga Airport as well as two Volkswagen dealership in the same area. They are the VAG enthusiasts in the Region of Peel. You'll find a number of outstanding Audi Specialists, Technicians, and Advisors there, a few who are members to boot.

If you are shoping for a new Audi, ask about the new car incentive for members through Audi Canada. (The six month waiting period is waived if you buy a lifetime membership - just sayin'.)

The Bramgate stores, including the VW ones, members get 15% off service and Audi branded parts bought at the counter. The service departments take pride in deeply understanding and helping with high mileage Audis. Take along your membership card and let your Audi Advisor know you are a member.

With their central locations, the Club regularly use their stores as gathering points for cruises. They have been an ongoing supporter of the Club and will earn your business.


Need parts or have parts questions? One of our longest members, Brendan, is Parts Manager at Audi Brampton: he knows his inventory well and can talk about early Coupe Quattros all day long.