# FlashZilla

Unlock performance at home with our FlashZilla Lite (FZL) dongle and desktop app. FlashZilla Lite connects your vehicle directly to our Instatune library to seamlessly purchase, download, and flash your ECU and TCU tunes. Upon its release, FZL will be compatible with MQB 1.8T and 2.0T models with more ECU/TCU protocol support coming soon!

Our Dealer network covers over 300 performance and service shops. But with FlashZilla Lite, you can bring the flashing experience right to your own driveway. The FlashZilla Lite App gives you the power to manage your tune catalog and quickly reflash between your purchased tunes. Our dongle is not VIN-locked, so you can flash your daily driver, your weekend car, and your wife's car too. You can even flash the neighbor's car if you want to.

Shop the FlashZilla Lite online, or order it through your local TuneZilla Dealer.