Rombotis Tuning

# Go fast shop in Montreal

Rombotis Tuning has been serving the Greater Montreal area for over 30 years (as long as the Audi Club has been around) and specializes in service and performance tuning on Audis and VWs and a number of supercars. They are a regular supporter of Eurocrazy and Mike is an Audi Club member!

As a side note, when I picked up my TT MK1 in Montreal, there was a Rombotis decal on each rocker panel. Visiting their web site (then) was the shop picture above – with my car front and centre. Was great to catch up with Mike and hear a bit of the TT‘s history. (Gordon)

Mike notes of this R8 engine picture: We're proud to offer turn-key twin turbo systems for your Audi and VW with Unitronic software. This is Unitronic’s R8 that we installed a kit on – a work of art and believe it or not, better driveability than stock. Thanks to the guys @Unitronic.

Things are busy however they are happy to hear from and help members looking for service and performance upgrades in the Montreal area. Regular server, bolt-on mods, right up to full race builds. The Rombotis web site^ is here for more information. Watch for us to join them at their open house BBQ in the spring.