You've been Nominated!

Audi Club in Canada celebrates business and services that make a difference to our members and followers. We invite the membership to tell us about organizations they love to do business with. And for at least one of our members (likely many) that is you!

If you would take a moment and provide us with the information below, we'll make sure we are proceeding with your permission and are posting the info you want us to. There is no upfront or trailing "cost" for this membership. Memberships says you should be promoted and that is good enough for us.

There is no catch. If you want to do things with the club or support us a bit (we are a registered not-for-profit and operate across Canada and the US) that obviously would be great. Your choice.

Audi Club NA has about 10,000 paid members. We are the "Audi" club however we have many VW owners, other Euro-car owners, and a handful of others. We are all car enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Club.