Me, my Dad, and an Audi

# First Audi Memories

Pictures and more on their way...

The year was 1987 and I was a typical teenager. My bedroom walls were adorned with posters of my favourite cars (Lamborgini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa) and favourite women (Samantha Fox and the singers from the band Heart). Despite my fantasies about cruising in a Porsche with Samantha Fox at my side, our family car was a no-frills Chevrolet Citation.

When my late father decided it was time to get a new car, I was excited but skeptical about his choice of brand. Audi was not even on my radar. Nevertheless, we were off to Audi Midtown (then Volkswagen Midtown) to trade in the Citation.

I remember sitting in the backseat when my Father and the salesperson took a test drive and admiring how form-fitting the seats were and how luxurious the interior was even for a three-year-old car. He bought it. Later, he took me out for a drive and I had my first Audi OMG moment. We headed down the onramp and he stepped on the accelerator - we passed cars like they were standing still. No tire or wheel shimmering like the Citation. It was smooth as silk and a little scary.

Finally, after many rounds of father and son “slow down” sessions, I was able to drive the Audi 5000 on my own. It was then that I fully appreciated the feeling of driving an Audi. Looking back, it was brave of him to trust me with his new toy. So, shades and leather driving gloves on, I headed for the highway to test my mantle. I stepped on the gas and had another OMG moment - this was even faster than I thought. Needless to say, I had many years afterward with my best friend cruising in the Audi, Alpine radio blasting away.

Skip ahead a few years and was time to get a car that represented the mature and responsible person I wanted to be (or at least, wanted to convey). Off I went to look for an Audi, remembering the good times with our family car.  I ended up at Pfaff Vaughan, looking for something that I could afford and drove home a 2009 A3.  It didn’t take long, for my inner teenager to return. I upgraded the exhaust from manifold to tip and tuned it at Pfaff Tuning, gaining 100hp! Tuning at the time didn’t void any warranty if it was done at the “dealership”. 

Today I drive a heavily modified 2018 Nardo Grey Audi RS3 with a unique and authentic TCR LMS wing. I'm happy. My Dad would approve.

As for the 1985 5000 CD Turbo, it saved my Mom’s life after she totaled it in an accident shortly after my Dad’s passing, and ironically while she was on the same highway my Dad drove with me. Although the 5000 was destroyed, memories of my father and I with the vehicle continue. Little did I know then how greatly the (then) three-year-old used car would influence me to get an Audi of my own years later.

Many people have asked me why I love Audi (particularly my wife who drives a Kia – I know…). Audi produces great cars and reminds me of my Dad and the fun of driving. Two things that, despite the passage of time, have never ceased to be important to me.

Ambros Nguyen, Director - Memberships

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