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# One member's experience helping

Pictures and more on their way...

It started when my husband (Andrzej) and I traded in our Monsoon Grey 2016 Audi A3 for a 2018 S3 in Vegas Yellow. We’re no strangers to brightly coloured cars: early 90’s, we restored a 1970 Dodge SuperBee, bringing it back to its original “FJ5 Sublime" green colour. We belonged to the Old Chrysler Corporation Car Club and attended a couple of Mopar Nationals down in the States. Really enjoyed the camaraderie and plain old fun of taking our pistol-grip 4 speed to all kinds of events.

The first year with the S3, we went to every car show we could find: by sheer luck that I found out about the Berlin Klassik in Grand Bend. As we walked the grounds, we spotted the Audi Club tent. Dropped by and before long, we were members and he was invited to bring the S3 from the general parking area. Wow. Our adventure with the Audi Club began.

Meeting several leaders who were very inclusive, I decided to help. I had previously volunteered in my community; it’s something I've enjoyed doing. With the Audi Club, I am responsible for mailings to new members and renewing members. In the last seven months, I mailed over 250 membership packages. I do this for all of Canada now, not just Eastern. I really enjoy working here and with folks at the Western Canada chapter and Club Office - all are interested in me and how I am doing. With Eastern, I also help the Cruise Directors by putting together their goodie bags.

For me, it is great, working with others to make a new/renewing member's or cruise participant's experience both inclusive and personal. I made plenty of friends being a member, as a volunteer that has more than doubled - all across Canada and into the US. The Membership group works together and being able to contribute ideas is great.

If you have questions about your membership or are interested in helping, glad to hear from you. Here is a question: What did you think of your new member package or renewing member package? How could we make it better?


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