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We are proud of our Audis - we see them as a unique offering amongst premium brands. Our passion shows: ask about our cars, our projects, our experiences. Audi sees us as ambassadors for a good reason. Members reflect a wide group of people: gender, race, age, stations in life, economics, technical abilities, education.

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If you are in the market for a new Audi, Audi Canada provides a considerable incentive for members. Talk to your Audi Specialist, identify yourself as a member, and ask about the CPP program. They will have the latest information, qualifying models, and incentive amounts. All Audi dealers in Canada participate.

Benefits of Membership

First, a bit about us. Audi Club NA is a registered education-based not-for-profit in the US. Eastern Canada is one of 32 chapters with over 10,000 members and thousands of followers. The Club is recognized by Audi AG, Audi Canada, and Audi of America and is approved to use the Audi brand (only car club in North America with that permission). As a registered NFP, we operate under member-approved bylaws, leaders are elected, and finances are audited annually.

Benefits are listed below, this list is updated periodically, and there are terms and conditions for most. Guest members will be added to the email list for six months however do not qualify for membership benefits.

And of course our quarterly magazine: Quattro!


  • High Performance Driver Education (HPDE)
  • Teen Driving classes
  • Winter driving events



  • Local and overnight cruises
  • Group attendance at meets
  • Online virtual drop-ins


Discounts & Incentives

  • Audi Canada new car incentive for members ($1,000+)
  • Michelin member discount
  • Audi dealer service discount (15% at participating dealers)



  • Tech meets at a dealer or shop
  • Project and mod discussions and advice
  • Virtual shop/technology open houses