Why, why, why. Always why.

We get asked all the time, especially when people learn we are a private membership club, not a social media one. Fair question.

  • Let's start with this: a one-year membership is $63.00 CDN. 
  • Need tires? Pirelli gives members significant incentives Winter Tires - Summer Tires.
  • Looking for additional performance? Unitronic will give you a complimentary membership or renew your existing one with each tune purchase.

Audi Club North America (Canadian Chapters) New Car Purchase / Lease incentives.

  • You will be able to purchase a new Audi model (R8 excluded) and receive a cash incentive based on purchase type. You must be a member for six (6) months to be eligible. Contact Audi Club national office to request an Audi Canada discount certificate.
  • Eligible for up to 6% off MSRP on purchase of new/leased Audi from Audi of America.
  • Up to C$2,000 cash incentive on the purchase of new Audi from Audi Canada - More InFo, plus much more sponsor list and incentives keep growing!


What else?

  • Social/Scenic Drives – Well, you can always go on your own drive, for free. Come on one of our drives and be part of an impressive lineup of great cars. We try to do a few drives a year.
  • Dealership Discounts – Some dealers offer incentives on Audi-branded parts whether from the parts counter or needed during service. This can pay for a membership with just one major repair.
  • Advanced Driver Education – At our core, we are about education and advanced driving school is popular with members. Members get reduced rates that usually more than pay's for a year’s membership.
  • Tech Virtual Sessions – Cars are becoming more and more complex. Our sponsors offer some technical assistance and information related to your Audi, these sessions are communicated via email and listed on our event page. The Zoom application is used to link all of the participants please join us on our next session. Contact us to register your email for the next session -  events@audiclubna.ca.
  • Track Days and Racing – Well, the last track day we did was with Pfaff at CTMP. The discount was more than an annual membership. Track days are available across Canada and the USA.
  • Audi-themed Vacations – We can get you access to these, usually in Europe. The R8 tour and winter driving ones are popular. Consider us a no-fee travel agent.
  • Enthusiast Focused Magazine – Just try to find a full-sized, glossy, award-winning, magazine that you can get in a print edition any more. Many say it is worth the membership just for the magazine.  


  • Aftermarket Parts? New, used, hard to find – we can help. Many of our member suppliers offer incentives to members.
  • Car Shows and Events – We have a calendar of events and it grows and grows and grows. For paid entry car shows, we often can get entry incentives for our members.

We are a social club of Audi enthusiasts. Your dues go towards supporting our events, events put on by other enthusiasts, the magazine, and awards.

Give us a try.  Welcome to the club. ⮕ Join Us