Meet Western Leadership 2020/2021

Ryan Ponto - President


Ryan has always had a love of cars growing up, however it wasn't until 2006 when he was first introduced into a VW Gti and the 'Car Scene' world. From there it quickly expanded to helping with the local VW club in Edmonton, to taking on a few years as club president. But Ryan wanted more... traction that is. Which in 2012 led him down the natural progression from VW's and into his first Audi. He found himself a 2007 VR6 A3 down in Miami with 10k miles on the clock, a quick look over from some local Fourtitude forum members and he booked himself and his now wife (Girlfriend of two months at the time) a flight down to pick up said Audi. From there the Audi family as it were has blossomed for Ryan and his wife, they've gone through a few Audis and are clearly hooked on the brand. His wife drives a lifted 2018 Q5 that they pull their Airstream Basecamp X (Ryan does most of the drive, let's be honest now) and Ryan has himself a new 2020 A4 allroad that replaced his outgoing 2013 A4 allroad. 


In a natural transition to the club, Ryan also runs a local cars and coffee in Edmonton that has been going steady since 2014 that sees all makes and models from a Miata to an Aventador show up. He is looking forward to the future of the club at the helm as President and doing his best to ensure that the club is an enjoyable group for all of us like minded Audi enthusiasts. 

If you have any comments or questions of any kind, Ryan is easy to reach at and on IG @ dasponto.

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Josh Marshall - Vice-President

Josh has been driving the four rings on the front of his cars for over 10 years now. Josh fell in love with Audi when he wanted to have a AWD car and Quattro spoke to him.

For Josh, it started with a B5 A4 1.8t and 5 Audis later, he daily drives a C7 A6. He has a passion for modifying his cars and has been building his 2002 B5 S4 that he picked up in 2013. He says he had found it in the perfect spec. Laser red, Black and silver alcantara interior, the final year 2002 and from British Columbia so it was in amazing shape with low kms. He tuned it right away, put different wheels on and a full turbo back exhaust from Milltek. He has been working on upgrading it to RS4 spec turbos and fueling. The one downside was that it came as an automatic and Josh has rebuilt a 6MT and is in the process of swapping it out. His C7 A6 has been a comfortable cruiser but he couldn't leave it alone and now it has a 034 Dual Pulley and custom TB he made, that dynoed at over 500hp! In recent years he has started taking it to the track which he  has been quite enjoyable and will continue to do!

Josh has been helping with the Western Club for the past year as a Member Rep and now has been granted the opportunity to be the VP. He is excited to continue to grow the club with more events year-round and engage with more Audi Enthusiasts. Josh loves the events, cruises, social and community that this club offers, particularly meeting people who share that passion.

Do you have ideas, comments, concerns about the club, Audi's, dogs or modifying cars, shoot him an email at or on IG: suitedup2the9s.

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Jerry Gunn - Treasurer


Eleanor and Jerry love the fun and friendships they have experienced by being Audi Club Members. They have two Audi’s both bought from the same dealership and under the same circumstances. Their first Audi purchase was this 2011  S5 and the car had been upgraded with a complete Stassis package by the dealership. Since then, he has upgraded the car to an APR Stage 2 package. He likes to improve the car each year. Jerry knows one of the things he likes about Audi engineering is the ease with which a person can improve their ride. Their other Audi is a 2016 SQ5, which is still as they bought it. Driving around is fun in a car you love, and they love cruising with their top down. Meeting with other club members, planning day trips or weeks away makes the summer that much more enjoyable especially with Covid as our partner. They are seeing more of Alberta than ever before. He likes being of service so when Gordon Varney, our former Canadian president, asked Jerry if he wanted to be Treasurer Jerry said yes. Jerry believes it is nice to give back, especially doing something they love with people you like. Jerry is enthusiastic about having a great spring and summer driving around to new places! 

Reach Jerry by email to go cruising topless at

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Christian Wang - Secretary


Christian has had different choices of cars over the years but always kept going back to Audi. He had a slow one, a fast one, and now driving a comfy and kind of fast one. He is currently driving a 2012 Q7 Premium Plus with the 3.0L supercharged V6. He never liked his first Q7, it was a base model with the 3.6 V6 and not very well taken care of by the previous owner. However, deep down, he knew he needed another SUV like this at some point and here we are.. It’s flashed on APR stage 1 and lowered on H&R lowering springs because why not. The truth is he can never leave a car stock. In 2021, he is going to turn this car into a camping car and explore Canada little more. 

If you want to reach out to Christian he can be reached at or on IG @ cwmedia_cn.

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Cory Nickerson - Member Relations


Cory Nickerson started off his automotive addiction at a young age, falling in love with Honda Preludes and founding the Atlantic Canadian Preludes club in 2003.

By 2011 Cory found himself in Alberta and was looking for his next car.  Having had a friend with a MK4 Jetta GLI VR6 that had impressed him, he decided to shy away from JDM and look into some European options.  After driving a 2001 Audi A4 2.8L from a used dealers showroom floor, he knew Audis were for him.  Slammed on Bilstein PSS9s, Tuned to let the V6 sing, and with a notchy 5 spd transmission, the relationship grew from there.

Fast forward 12 years (almost to the day), and life changes had him looking for something a little more comfortable.  Sticking with his need to #savethemanuals , Cory started his search for a B8.5 S4 6MT.  Finding the perfect specimen in the Lower Mainland, his first drive in his new S4 was the beautiful drive from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB.  You can see his love for his car grow through his IG account @scotianbigwheel .  Cory is also the new Member Relations Rep for Western Canada, so if you have any questions please send them to 

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Matthew Sobczak - Event Coordinator


In 2006 Matthew had enough of used cars that were abused and not well kept by previous owners. He wanted to get something new, something that would be exciting and fun... and there it was his first brand new Audi A3 Sportback with 6-spd manual transmission.  She was a small, fast bee that started his love affair with Audi.  Then in 2010 a new S4 came out.  What a joy of driving. He still misses the amazing 6-spd manual (*sigh*) of his S4.  Then came his Audi S6 and that was pure luxury but missing the fun factor of the RS.  Currently, he is a very happy owner of a 2018 Audi RS5 in Sonoma Green.  Calm and peaceful at night and perhaps "unique" on a cloudy day. The Sonoma Green shows a true colour and comes to life when the sun shines.  Quick and sporty, luxurious enough with just the right amount of noise.  

If you have ideas for events or otherwise, feel free to reach out to him at or on IG @ bohun_rs

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Kaz Pindral - Member Representative


Kaz's first memory of tasting that sweet Audi Kool-Aid came in 2002 when he was hired as the shop assistant and parts driver of a local Audi/Volkswagen specialist, RPI Equipped.  At the time his boss (WG) had a beautiful Mk1 TT, Denim Blue on blue leather (yes, that's right, blue leather!), perfectly stanced and tastefully modded as he/RPI is known to do with their cars.  Fast forward to 2019, a few jobs (and cars) later, it was time to replace Kaz's beloved W204 Mercedes C63 AMG.  Immediately the video of RPI’s “Lowroad” (which has unfortunately been removed from Youtube) came to his mind and it was the perfect time to make his own variation of that Allroad, which he always admired.  Kaz has been loving every second with his B9 Allroad; driving, modding, the interaction with other Audi owners, etc.  Wagons/Avants always captured his attention, especially the B5 & B7 S4/RS4.  Now that the C8 RS6 is back in North America he has hopes that the other avants, particularly the “S” and “RS” models will follow suit, gracing us with their presence... that's not too much to ask, is it?  His love for avants aside, Audi has come leaps and bounds over the last two decades and he is proud to be a part of the Audi Club of Western Canada team and Audi Club family.  Feel free to reach out to him by email or add him on IG, he looks forward to connecting with more Audi enthusiasts for years to come! 

Kaz can be reached by email at or on IG @ allroad_k.

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