Meet The Board Of Directors 2020/2021

Gordon Varney - President

Ah, the current ride and the journey to get here. Was a VW guy who always admired the MK1 TT. Finally bought one: silver, roadster, 1.8t with a Stage 1+ tune, lowered 2”. It was fun till I hit a curb, took out the oil pan, ruined the engine. Insurance wrote it off. Bought a red 2002 TT ALMS out of Montreal, sight unseen. It was slightly more modified with a Unitronic tune. It was a blast till I spun a rod bearing trying to stay ahead of Brett. Two months later was run off the road at a meet in Washington DC. Just the day before, I had met Tom Kristensen who signed the driver’s side roof and intake manifold. The insurance company wrote it off.

This brings me to the current ride. Another red 2002 TT ALMS, also bought sight unseen from Montreal. A fair bit of routine maintenance needed, a couple of pails of beach sand removed from the interior, fixed the butchered radio wiring, and added all the speed parts I had in “inventory” from the two wrecked TTs. Quicker, more reliable, better fuel economy. Working on rebuilding the pooched engine from the first ALMS as a COVID project.

Happy to be assisting and leading a great group of leaders and volunteers for 2021. Like something we’re doing, don’t like something we’re doing, got a suggestion or request? Please contact me: Your voice does make a difference.


JGV ALMS @ Brock.jpg

Eugene Gerstein - Secretary/Treasurer

The fastest car buy in my life - I was looking for something more comfortable than my 2015 S5 convertible, and someone suggested I look at an A7 - the next day I went to look at this one, put a deposit, and the rest is history - had this car since early November, so not even 2 months yet - loving every moment. It's a 2016 A7, s-line. Contact:

Eugene A7.jpeg

Jeff Vogan - VP Sponsorship

This is my 2019 RS3.  I sold my 2012 A3 after buying the RS3.  I purchased it in July 2019.  In December 2019 we bought a 2020 Q3 for my wife, our fourth Audi.

The RS3 is all black with carbon fibre trim.  I’m looking to get the black Audi rings and badges in 2021.

The car is stock except for Unitronic mid pipes to give a slightly better sound. Contact:


Jeff Vogan.jpg

Marius Enache - VP Events/Communications

This is my 2006 Audi A3 I like to call "Silver bullet"
Bought it over 10 years ago bone stock and after one month of ownership, I had it flashed to a Stage1 tune by Unitronic. It broke the OEM diverter valve the next day, I replaced it with a Forge one and from there the mod bug hit HARD.
Over the years the car has seen a lot of power, handling, convenience, and cosmetic mods while being driven often on the street and occasionally at the track.
For power, the car now has a K04 turbo wrapped in a PTP turbo blanket with a relocated and upgraded diverter valve BFG DV+, bigger injectors, IE fuel pump, Unitronic air intake, intercooler and downpipe, various upgraded boost piping, Milltek race Catback exhaust, Fluidampr crankshaft damper pulley,  Southbend Stage 3 clutch, and lighter single-mass flywheel, USP SS clutch line, Dieselgeek short shifter, Wavetrac front limited-slip differential and stronger transmission shifter forks and guides.
For improved handling the car received Bilstein B8 struts, H&R springs and sway bars, 034Motorsports adjustable end links, SuperPro alloy front control arms, rear trailing arms and main arms PolyFlex bushings, Tyrolsport front and rear subframe stiffening collars, 034Motorsports billet dogbone mount, engine and trans mounts, lightweight Neuspeed rims wrapped on Hankook RS4 tires and a lightweight battery.
Sitting in the driver seat, one can spot a lot of European upgrades such as the euro S3 instrument cluster, euro TTS light switch with extra functions, euro TTS steering wheel, euro RNS-E facelift navigation, euro convex dimming side mirrors, sports pedals, and shifter.
For better looks a complete 5 piece Votex body kit has been installed, headlights were upgraded to AFS Bixenons with all sensors and controllers retrofitted (insane wiring job that I would never do again), taillights to euro facelift LEDs, red Audi Sport accents.
For track events, all the seats get removed and a Kirkey racing seat is bolted on, G-LOC race pads get installed and the car has been fitted with custom air ducts for front calipers cooling.
There are many other smaller changes I won't list because this will become a really long and boring text.
Overall the car is very well balanced with a good power-to-weight ratio and therefore a high fun factor. I take pride in it and in the fact that I've done all the work myself.
It brings smiles every time I drive it and I miss it when I can't.

In the family fleet, there is also a 2009 Audi A4 wagon with fewer mods and just a Stage 2 tune, also by Unitronic.
I guess I like to mod, maintain, and keep my cars for the long run.

I joined the Audi club over 3 years ago and have been on the leadership team for 2 years now.



Neil Strowbridge - VP Membership

I bought my RS4 in September 2017.  It is a 2007 RS4 in Avus Silver.  I love the stealth color of the car and sleeper power.  If you are not familiar with this car, it has a 4.2 V8 crammed in under the hood and 6-speed transmission, love to row my own gears.  The goal is to track the car this year at some point, at some track.  I have removed the DRC suspension and added TrackOne Engineering coilovers, apart from that, I don't think there is much needed as this car puts a smile on my face every time I get in it.  My daily is a 2014 SQ5 which I am waiting for the warranty period to expire and then I will be adding some of my own small touches to it.  (Yes that is a long warranty period...extended to 160,000Km) My wife loves her 2018 Q5.  The attached pictures are the driveway naps of my cars.

DriveWay Pic RS4.JPG


Driveway SQ5.jpg

Trevor Lewis - Past President

Current Rides:  2012 Suzuka Grey TTRS and 2017 Q5

2012 Suzuka Grey TT RS - Sport Exhaust/Nav/Bose/Red-Black Wheels

Mods List:

  • MSS Sports and H&R RSB
  • 42DD Shifter Bushings
  • Tyrol Sport Solid Shifter Bushings
  • Painted Rear Valance
  • European Lower Brake Light
  • Aspherical Mirrors
  • R8 Oil Cap and Antifreeze Tank Cap
  • Replaced Mag Ride with Bilstein B6
  • CarboTech Pads XP10 and 1521
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  • Giro Disc Rotors on all four corners.

I have been a member of the Audi Club North America since 2001, becoming one of the Charter Directors when the Canadian Chapter was formed. I have enjoyed Audi events with four other ACNA Chapters around North America. Jump in your Audi and check them out when it is the same to do so. I have enjoyed the occasional track event (usually five in a good year) and am currently an instructor with four chapters.

I continue to enjoy my time with the Eastern Canada Chapter, to the point I have recently renewed my membership for another three years.

Contact -

Trevor Lewis.jpg

Meet The Leadership 2020/2021

David James - Track Base Events


I bought my first Audi, an A4 1.8T, in Fall 1999, the first track day was April 2000.  Can't say I was really hooked on tracking until my second event in April 2001.  In the interim I have been to 99 track events (summer and winter) at 24 different venues including Daytona (the 24 hr road course) and have progressed through several (many?) cars currently tracking a 2008 R8 V8 manual.

David James R8.JPG

David James 

Contact -

Micheal Clackson - Communication Associate - Ottawa Leadership

This is my 2018 Audi RS3.  I previously drove a 2012 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR.  The RS3 is my first Audi and I immediately fell in love.

My RS3 is Glacier White with black optics and carbon fiber (CF) trim.  The car is currently is stock under the hood, but sports a number of aesthetic mods including:

  • Gloss black Neuspeed RSe102 wheels
  • Audi Sport CF rear spoiler
  • Audi Sport CF mirror caps
  • Horsch Design V2 CF front lip
  • Black Audi Rings,
  • Lots of small detail stuff
  • My vanity plate is R3LNTLSS.  

Upcoming mods for 2021 include:

  • Horsch V2 CF side skirts and rear valance with extended diffuser fins
  • CF Audi Rings
  • Possibly a vented CF hood as well.  Contact:

Micheal Clackson.jpg

Tim Watts - Communication Associate - Leadership Ottawa

Hi, joined the club 2 years ago, bought my 2010 A4 back in 2014 as my first Audi. It was a bone stock lease return. Fast forward to 2020, I’ve barely started the modifications I have planned for this car. Highlights include an Integrated Engineering fully build crate race engine 2.0T, custom SS tubular top mount turbo manifold, with a BW8474 twin-scroll turbo. Still tuning, currently, at 29psi boost producing about 500chp, the target is 800chp. Check out the build at IG @AlterdA4. Contact -

Tim Watts.jpg


Stephen Gregory - Leadership Montreal

TT RS 2020

  • Unitronics Mid Pipes
  • Summer Forged 20" Audi OEM
  • Winter 19" Braelin (pictured)

This is TT number 5 since 2007,  TT mk1 Quatro 225hp --> TTS mk2 2010 --> TT RS mk2 2013 --> TT RS mk3 2018 and now TT RS mk3 2020, TT dedication and wanted the last model year of production.

Stephen Gregory.jpg 

Contact -

Andrzej Jaronski, Events/Cruise Associate

I'd been looking for an S3 for some time when this rare Vegas Yellow 2018 Technik model suddenly became available. Even though I promised to leave it stock until the COPO warranty expired, I couldn't resist. Modifications include:

  • 034 Motorsports rear sway bar w/ end-links
  •  custom cold air intake made by Mike Mitton (RS7 owner),
  • Unitronic Stage 1+ ECU Tune (375HP)
  • MBRP T-304 stainless steel catback exhaust with carbon fibre tips.

Why didn't I do this sooner? Contact:


Andrzej Jaronski.jpg