Canadian Chapters, eh?

We are the Canadian chapters of the Audi Club North America. Of Audi Cub NA's thirty-one chapters, two are here in Canada: Western (Manitoba and West) and Eastern (Ontario and East).

Our club goes beyond mere social media activities. Our members not only  share information and pics, and chat online -- they have  experiences. Organized drives, tech nights, weekend shows, new car unveilings, tuning advice, and sponsor discounts are all available to our members -- as is our premiere-format, enthusiast-focused quattro magazine.

As an education-based organization, we regularly host a variety of driving schools that range from from teen-driver starting skills to advanced driving at closed tracks.

Audi Club NA is the largest group of Audi enthusiasts in the world, recognized by -- but independent from -- Audi corporate. Members tell us what they like and are interested in, and we respond by providing those experiences.

Perhaps you have never thought of joining a car club? Most  of us were like that.
but we have all discovered accelerating out of a tricky corner, windows down, tunes on, is just that much better when it is shared.

The club is a registered not-for-profit organization providing member-focused leadership that has build relationships with dealers, shops, Audi Canada, and Audi AG.

Child in a white toy car in the foreground looking onto a gathering of people around audi cars

Western Canada Notes

The Western Canada chapter has members from Winnipeg, Manitoba through to Victoria, British Columbia. We're currently experiencing a Western rejuvenation and are demonstrating our value proposition with enthusiasts and dealers across the region.

This year, the leadership base moved from Vancouver to Edmonton, and already we also have local leaders in Calgary and Regina. We continue to work with people in Winnipeg, and are hearing interest from enthusiasts in areas in between. The response has been fantastic!

Eastern Canada Notes

The Eastern Canada chapter has members from Sudbury, Ontario through to New Brunswick. We experienced tremendous growth last year and look forward to maintaining momentum in the months ahead. New members; new volunteers; new leaders.