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2020-2021 Eastern Canada

Board Of Directors


Gordon Varney, President -

Eugene Gerstein – Secretary/Treasurer –

Neil Strowbridge, VP Membership –

Marius Enache, VP Communication –

Jeff Vogan, VP Sponsors –

Marius Enache, VP Events/Cruise –

Trevor Lewis, Past President -

Eastern Canada Leadership

David Wu, IT –

David James, Track Base Events –

Sebastien Kierszka, Quebec City Leader

Stephen Gregory, Montreal Leader -

Micheal Clackson, Ottawa Leader -

Tim Watts, Ottawa Associate -

Andrzej Jaronski, Events/Cruise Associate -

Kurt Battick, Sponsors Associate -

Sebastien Kierszka, Communication Associate -

Jacques Landry, Communication Associate -



2020-2021 Western Canada Board of Directors


Ryan Ponto, President, Edmonton

John Marshall, Vice President

Jerry Gunn, Treasurer, Edmonton 

Christian Wang, Secretary, Regina

Matthew Sobzcak, Member/Executive

2020-2021 Western Canada Volunteer

Troy Dashney

Cory Nickerson