My love for Volkswagen/Audi...


To most people, a car is just a mean of transportation going from point a to point B. I don’t know what happened but I turn into this huge petrolhead. I loved R34 GTR, MK4 Supra, FD RX7 and so on. Those are still iconic cars even by days standards, but they just can’t replace the German love in my heart.

Throwback, the first car our family owned was a Volkswagen Santana 2000. That car was the seed planted in my heart for Euro cars in my heart, 20 years later, not only I’m a huge petrol head but somehow I've become a huge VW/Audi fan. Why do I say somehow? Here is the little background. Back home, Mercedes and BMW are the top two brands everyone buys. I was deeply influenced by the Euro culture and my parent still owns a Mercedes and BMW. 

A year after I moved to Canada, I was in the market for a car. I was mainly looking for Mercedes. Then my friend offered me his 2007 Q7. Nothing fancy had everything I needed. My boss, a huge VW/Audi enthusiast convinced me to take the offer. Six months later, got a little money saved up and know I'm in the market for a brand new vehicle. Was still looking at getting into an SUV. Did lots of researches, had my heart set on a 2016 Touareg TDI. Went to the dealership, made the deal but just before I signed on the dotted line, I saw them unloading a brand-new Golf R. You can guess what happened next. Yes, I signed my life away for a 2016 Golf R LOL!

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I had so much fun with that car, I'm an APR dealer, I  had pretty much every bolt on installed with the exception of a big turbo. (except big turbo). It was one of the fastest MK7 Golf R in Saskatchewan. But unfortunately, the car was in an accident last December and was a total write off. My immediate thoughts this time, “I’m getting an Audi!”. 

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About a week later, came across this silver 2014 S4. Excellent condition and low mileage. Two and half days later I'm the proud owner of the S4. I thought about new getting a Mercedes C-Class, but I just can’t do it. Not that Mercedes or BMW aren't good cars, after owning the Golf I'd grown fawned of the Volkswagen Group culture. In my part of Canada, there are more VW/Audi meet/shows then BMW/Mercedes meet, just another reason for me to get an Audi.

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Six months and 25,000km later. I’m a big car enthusiast and a proud VW/Audi owner.

Christian Wang