The Journey so far.

I've overseen the new web site, and so decided I could be the first to blog. Here goes.

I've been a member since 2013. Weren't many of us back then: hadn't been any leadership or events for years. A call went out, Jon, Danny, Maria, and I put our hands up. We did manage one event at H. F. Pfaff one Saturday. A couple of years later, I ended up on the National board. That motivated me to start trying things and boy did I. I think emailed or texted Paul Truess, the new Executive Director, at least once a week. I went to every event I heard about. Membership started to grow. I started talking with Dealers and some were interested. So on and so forth.

No leadership, no events, no web site, no mailing list, and about 30 members. Today, 10+ leaders, events this summer almost every other week, and more. Over 400 members and still growing strong. The Western Canada chapter has been reborn and I've made some good friends who are restarting the Michigan chapter. I'm happy to be able to go to an event now and relax. My wife is looking forward to me getting back to the house renovations that went on hold two years ago.

The Club is great and getting better. The National Board is absolutely committed to providing value to all members. Administratively, they are adopting best practices and striving to be responsive and transparent. Audi Canada is talking to us. Other clubs are seeking us out. Sunny days ahead.

I want to thank you. You, for making my life journey of the last couple of years so fulfilling and fun. I've learned a lot, met many, and been pleased to contribute. I'm, going to finish my blog with an ask.

Please, get involved. Go to an event. Use the web site. Post something on social media. Do business with our Pros. Help out. Give input and feedback to the leadership. It is your club. Vorsprung durch Zugehörigkeit - Advancement through Membership.

JGV     April 2019