Where we've been, what we did.....

QuattroFest 2019 - Sanair Motor Speedway - St-Pie, Quebec

Club members attend the second running of this event hosted by Sean Dussault, Sam and Dan Ge. The event consisted of a show and shine, lapping and vendor display. Audi club member Philippe Dijon with his Audi R8 and myself with my Audi TTRS took people out for a spin around the track between lapping sessions. Was a great experience for both of us and our guest ride along. Some great cars and even greater people to talk cars with.



Our little convoy to the event 


Cool roller!











Waiting for our next guest to take around the track


Ottawa Derand Meat & Grease show and shine - June 23th 2019

Some of our members we in attendance, awesome people and cars!

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Eurokracy 2019

Our first time at this event was a complete success, our friends from the National Office Paul Truess, George Achorn, Bill Cho and Ray Reyes joined us for their first time at a Canadian event. The first day's weather was filled with on/off rain but mother nature was much kinder the second with clear sky and sunshine. We signed up some new members, made so new friends and chatted with to fellow car enthusiasts. I attendance where people from all over Canada and the USA this has become one the largest Canadian European shows.

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Brunch In Regina, Saskatchewan - VW, Audi Dealership Participation

Regional Director Christian (Shuo) Wang organized a last-minute brunch in Regina, has also the very first event held in Saskatchewan as well. 

Although last minute there was 17 people and 15 cars that showed up. Nine Audis, four VWs and one Mercedes. Out of 17 people, seven were dealership staff from Taylor Automotive Group, Audi/VW dealer principal, general manager at Audi, VW sales and finance manager and a couple of specialists. Both Audi and VW dealerships were able to bring a car off their lots an Audi RS5 Sportback and VW Areton.

The event definitely drew lots of attention from Taylor Audi and are looking to repeat the event in the near future.

Edmonton, AB - F1 Party June 09 2019

Audi Club North America Western Chapter in Edmonton, Alberta held a Formula 1 party at a local eatery, 20 car enthusiast showed up a mixed bag of Euro's and North America cars.  We meet new people potentially new members!


Seventh Annual EuroSport Tuning BBQ & Customer Appreciation Day - June 09 2019


Our club was present at EuroSport Tuning event today, great turn out around 150 cars showed up. Seen some awesome cars and chatted with some great people. Signed up new members, met some local members and potential new members. Our friends from the Audi RS4 club showed up with their beautiful rides. EuroSport Tuning gave away multiple doors prizes as well as free hot dogs.

VagKraft 2019

Vagkraft has been around for many years and in its current format is a 1-day event held in a conservation area.  It is viewed as the first major VAG show of the year in Southern Ontario.  The show raises funds for the charitable foundation named for one of the event’s founders who passed away from cancer in 2014.  All funds raised are donated to organizations who are involved in the fight against cancer.

The weather was gorgeous and we had arranged a prime spot facing the main car show area.  We had an RS7, MK1 TT ALMS and B8 RS5 on display at the tent: a number of other member cars were a few steps away. Additional attendees with displays included Audi True North (a local online Audi club we know well), Berlin Klassik - the big Euro (but mainly VAG) Southern Ontario car show we will be attending in August, and Audi of Mississauga (one of our Pro partners).

Pfaff (Jane St) - April 28

What started as a 20+ car Meet 'N Greet turned in to a 100+ car season opener. Several new members, lots of new friends, new business for some of our Individual Pros in attendance.

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Blainville Audi - January 15 (Yes, middle of winter, in a snowstorm north of Montreal)

And on a Friday night to boot. 40 cars showed up, and over 100 visitors. Michelin onsite who became a club sponsor. A new TTS in the show by the dealer, sold. Met Unitronic which turned in to a great relationship

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