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Gordon Varney // President

Gordon is the president of the Eastern Canada Chapter and also a board member of the Audi Club. A member and leader since 2015 he has been the voice of Audi Club in Canada at many events, dealerships, shops, and with Audi Canada, Audi of America, and Audi AG.

His passion is the Audi TT MK1, especially the ALMS. MK1 questions or projects on the go - drop him a line.

The Eastern chapter has several dedicated, passionate folks willing to help you. Email Gordon and he'll get you connected to the best person to address your interest.

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m - (519) 771-6444

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Trevor Lewis // Director, Education

I've been a member since 2001 and was one of the Directors when the original Canada Chapter was formed. We held our first track event late in November in 2002 at the Mosport big track. Saturday was around the freezing mark and we had a fresh dump of 6” of snow for our Sunday. What a blast.

You can find me at many track events at Mosport, Shannonville, Calabogie, Mont Tremblant, Watkins Glen, Palmer Motor Sports Park, Monticello Motor Club, Lime Rock Park, Mid Ohio, Road America, and Summit Point. I am a certified HPDE driving instructor.

Retired from municipal engineering, I now keep my days busy with the local food bank as a weekday volunteer and as Past-President.

2012 TTRS with just over 200,000 km. on the clock.

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Vivian Chiu // Director, Membership

I joined the Audi community when I bought my first Audi in late 2017.  I have a 2018 RS3 in Nardo Grey and enjoy every 5-cylinder note it brings to my ears.

Since owning the RS3, I am learning a lot and feel grateful to have met so many amazing people. Friendships were created that I will cherish forever. I enjoy participating in car meets, cruises, and have fallen in love with some seat time at the track.

I look forward to an exciting new season with Audi Club NA and connecting with our new and existing members.  Cars unite people and I hope to see you at our next event! Questions about membership, address or email changes, adding family members, please contact me.

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Marius Enache // Director, Events

I joined the Audi club over 4 years ago and have been on the leadership team for 3 years, responsible for planning/coordinating our chapter events such as drives, meets, track events, online tech-talks, and all things fun.
I've been an Audi enthusiast for over a decade and professionally I have almost 20 years experience in Information Technology, working as an IT Manager for the past 10.
During the warmer months I drive (and track) my modified MK2 Audi A3. The car is built for performance with a very, very long list of modifications. I take pride in it and in the fact that I've done all the work myself. It makes me smile every time I drive it and I really miss it when I can't.
In the family fleet there is also a modified B8 Audi A4 Avant.

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Eugene Gerstein // Treasurer & Secretary

The fastest car purchase in my life - I was looking for something more comfortable than my 2015 S5 convertible, and someone suggested I look at an A7. The next day I went to look at this one, put a deposit, and the rest is history - had this car for a little over two years - loving every moment. It's a 2016 A7, S-Line.

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Kurt Battick // Director, Sponsors (acting)

From the time I’ve joined the club, I’ve been assisting the leadership team with the sponsor program. My objective for this year is to grow the program to include sponsors from in and outside the auto industry. More sponsors with exclusive offers and discounts for club members.

Our family owns a Q7 and an S5. I’m potentially looking to upgrade my Q7 with bigger brakes and sport exhaust. The S5 has an aftermarket, nicely tuned sport exhaust. The OEM exhaust on both cars doesn’t do them justice.

If you have any sponsor suggestions or a great story about one of our sponsors, drop me an email.

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Brett Fisher // Director, Communications (acting)

It has been a journey. Was a BMW guy, now all in with my Audis - I've had several. Current is an S4 with major work and Unitronic Stage 3 - my daily driver. I've been on the leadership team for some time and enjoyed every moment. Met lots of people, learned a LOT about my and other Audis, been to many events. Here to help and guide.

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Bruce WIlson // Director, Audi Canada Relations

My roles with ACNA Eastern Canada progressed over the years from enthusiastic volunteer to Secretary-Treasurer to my current role as the Relationship Manager with Audi Canada.

Like most car nuts in general, and Audi enthusiasts in particular I have sorely missed the opportunities to do socialize with those people, be it bench racing over a couple of beers, attending car shows or going on organized drives.  I hope to be able to all of these this year.

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Jacques Landry // Director (Ottawa & Area)

Last year I had the privilege to greet members and prospects at the chapter's tent at one of Canada’s largest Euro car shows - Berlin Klassik. Another successful event put together by Garrett and his team.

Berlin Klassik was the event, a few years ago, where I joined the Audi Club and haven’t looked back since!. Looking forward to representing the chapter in 2022 events in Ottawa and area.

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Sebastien Kierszka // Director (Montreal & Area)

Je me nomme Sébastien, directeur régional pour la province de Québec, et heureux propriétaire d'une S4 B9 avec quelques modifications. Vous m'aurez possiblement croisé lors de rassemblement dans la région de Québec ou encore dans des événements d'envergure dans la région du grand Montréal. Il m'a fait plaisir de collaborer avec la direction du club pour des événements tels que Eurokracy. Nous espérons avoir la chance de créer d'autres événements et rassemblements au travers de la province afin de faciliter les rencontres entres membres du club. Il me fera plaisir de vous assister autant en français qu’en anglais si vous avez des questions en lien avec le club, les voitures, nos partenaires ou simplement pour jaser de notre passion commune. 

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John Staffi // Director, Sponsor Advisor

I do enjoy my time with the Audi Club Eastern leadership and members. I oversee Unitronic's tech and product development and being able to hear about and see our products being used by the membership helps me to keep our customers front and centre.

We are happy to support the Club here in Canada (and through the US). I invite you to pop over to the Shop tab and check out our story there and the link to our racing team. Hope to meet some of you at our races and the Chapter events.

As an advisor, I am helping the Sponsor team to have a solid story and offering to the aftermarket and shops.

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