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Goran Jovanovic // PRESIDENT

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Member since 2012, I dove headfirst into the Audi Club when I was on the hunt for my first Audi, an A6. That initial test drive sealed the deal, and from then on, I've been a card-carrying Audi enthusiast. The addiction only grew stronger, leading me to take my company's staff on a thrilling Audi Driving Experience at CTMP Track and to the icy landscapes of Quebec for the Ice Driving Experience.

Our Audi family has expanded over the years, welcoming a Q5 and, most recently, the pulse-quickening fully electric RS e-tron GT. Talk about an electrifying driving experience! The thrill of Audi has truly become a lifestyle.

My journey with the Audi Club involves not just cruising through scenic routes but actively participating in making events like the Niagara and Muskoka Cruises a reality. Now, I'm eager to contribute even more, stepping into a role that allows me to give back to the community that shares my passion for the four rings. Let's drive this club to new heights together!

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Gordon Varney // Treasurer

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Gordon is the Treasurer of the Eastern Canada Chapter and oversees the Partner/Sponsor portfolio for the chapter. A member and leader since 2015 he has been the voice of Audi Club in Canada at many events, dealerships, shops, and with Audi Canada, Audi of America, and Audi AG. He was a member of the ACNA Club board for two terms.

His passion is his Audi TT MK1 ALMS (just how much can you modify an MK1 and still drive on the street?). TT MK1 questions or projects on the go - drop him a line.

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m - (519) 771-6444

Cristina Battick // VICE PRESIDENT


In 2018, I joined the club after discovering it at an Audi Dealer Event. My journey with Audi spans over 12 years, during which I've remained a dedicated Audi driver, currently enjoying my fifth Audi. My fascination with cars seamlessly aligned with Audi's relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the driving landscape. My Audi journey began swiftly - within 15 minutes of test-driving my first Audi, I said "I'll take it!". The rest is history. 

Joining Audi Club's leadership and Marketing team went beyond a career shift for me; it represented the convergence of my passion and professional pursuits. The pivotal Audi Driving Experience at The Canadian Tire Motorsport Park influenced my decision to purchase my beloved Audi S5 – a car that continues to be my ultimate joy on the road.

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Brett Fisher // SECRETARY


Since high school, I have always loved and appreciated fine German engineering. Starting back then with BMW ( I know, try not to hold it against me). But around 2004 I was in the market for another vehicle and was on the hunt for a nice used BMW, when I came across a 2001 Audi A4, with the 1.8T. I took that out for a test drive and have driven nothing but 4 rings since. Currently driving a rather quick Audi S5.

Over the past couple of years, I have been helping wherever I could with the growth and awareness of the club. Recently I have taken the next step, I’ve volunteered to be part of the leadership of our chapter. My goal is to answer the question: What comes next? I just bought a performance vehicle, How do I get the most out of it? My focus is on the development of driver skills. Predominantly High-performance Driver education. Having taken part in a couple of HPDE events over the past couple of years. They are a great way to push yourself, and your car, and develop your skills. Do you know, instinctively, what to do when you skid on a wet road? Well, at an event you are encouraged to do exactly that, get sideways and figure out how to deal with it safely.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event, whether that be static or wheels in motion. I am always happy to chat with a fellow Audi Enthusiast.

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Bruce Wilson // Audi Canada Relations

My roles with ACNA Eastern Canada progressed over the years from enthusiastic volunteer to Secretary-Treasurer to my current role as the Relationship Manager with Audi Canada.

The number of Audis in our household will be increasing by one as my wife is awaiting the delivery of her new Q3.

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Marius Enache // Ontario Regional Director

With strong European roots, I've been an Audi enthusiast and part of the local car scene since 2010.

I became a member of the Audi Club in 2018 and joined the leadership team a year later, involved with planning/coordinating our chapter events such as drives, meets, track events and online tech talks. I am also one of the managers of the website.

During the warmer months, I drive (and track) my modified Audi A3 MK2. The car is built for track performance with a very long list of modifications. I take pride in it and have done all the modifications and engine work myself. It makes me smile every time I drive it, and I miss it during the winter months.
Part of the car fleet is also a tuned Audi A4 Avant B8.

In the summer, you can find me at various car meets around the GTA.

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David Hendry // Director, Membership

Member since early 2019, joined while I was restoring my 6-sp 02 Nimbus Grey TT Roadster with Baseball interior. That was my first Audi, we now have 4 in the driveway. Audi awakened a pleasure in driving I had never experienced. Each year my wife a I dedicate a week to road tripping, seeking out a new set of twistys with some great views, top down if the weather cooperates.

I had been to a few cruises and events and offered to lend a hand with our Niagara event. It was apparent there was quite a bit a of work getting done by volunteers behind the scenes to make these events happen.  I have since accepted the membership role and happy to be part of the Audi enthusiast community.

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Atlas Del Mar // Regional Director, Atlantic Canada

Atlas Del Mar is a long-time motorcycle & automotive motorsports enthusiast. Having raced recreationally throughout life, his passion for racing and motorsports takes second place only to his family & his call to public service as a Sailor in His Majesty's Royal Canadian Navy.

Atlas Del Mar, is the Regional Director for Atlantic Canada for the chapter.

He is also the founder and racer for & has partnered with internationally recognized motorsports brands who share the same passions for motorsports and ambitions to stop street racing and promote organized motorsports.

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Trevor Lewis // PAST PRESIDENT

I've been a member since 2001 and was one of the Directors when the original Canada Chapter was formed. We held our first track event late in November in 2002 at the Mosport big track. Saturday was around the freezing mark and we had a fresh dump of 6” of snow for our Sunday. What a blast.

You can find me at many track events at Mosport, Shannonville, Calabogie, Mont Tremblant, Watkins Glen, Palmer Motor Sports Park, Monticello Motor Club, Lime Rock Park, Mid Ohio, Road America, and Summit Point. I am a certified HPDE driving instructor.

Retired from municipal engineering, I now keep my days busy with the local food bank as a weekday volunteer and as Past-President.

2012 TTRS with just over 200,000 km. on the clock.

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David Wu // Director, IT
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David James //

I have been an ACNA member since 2000 and have been attending track events since that time. I have attended more than 100 events at more than 20 different tracks (known as notching the steering wheel). I have been instructing at track events, including ice-driving events, for over 15 years.
I am recently retired from municipal engineering and spend my time trying to keep (get?) fit by curling in the winter and pickleball in the summer. In summer, I also attend several local car shows weekly with my 2008 R8 V8 Manual. Daily driver is a VW Golf R manual.

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