Ok, under-dash electrical.

My least favourite way to spend an afternoon.

I got my new-to-me TT 2002 ALMS MK1 in December. Bought it from a shop in Montreal, great guy. Bought it sight unseen. Even had I seen it, I could not have imagined my days and days of trying to sort electrical problems. Under dash, my least fav place to be. Esp in the winter.

It had a rather old (likely great in the day) Kenwood head unit, a power amp, and a sub-woofer. Not my style, and I have a spare OEM so, not to worry. Get it home, start pulling the radio and amp and sub-woofer (sub-woofer and the amp were easy). And then out comes the head unit and my three-month journey begins. (Note to people, esp working on MK1 TTs - wanna change the radio? Have at it. There are suppliers of inexpensive aftermarket harnesses that plug into the Audi harness and let you do your magic without cutting the OEM harness. Just sayin'.)

Hmmm. Some wires have been cut and rewired. And there are a whole lot more wires that have been added. Hmmm. Ok, this handful seems to go to the back to the power amp, figures. And a massive power cable goes to the power amp, again, ok. Hmmm. I discover, deep under the steering column area a Bluetooth box. And a security system. And the NAV system. Mobile phone system. Remote starter system. All wired in here and there. And I still have no idea what the small switch did, hidden in the bottom of the change tray by the cup holders. OEM amp was gone. OEM CD remote CD player was there but inoperative (which is usual).

I've been driving since then (my daily driver) with the entire lower dash out and most of the centre console. Or passenger seat or back seat. TODAY, most of it went back in. Happy. The dome light still doesn't work when you open the door, but does if you operate it manually. Dunno. The things we learn. What frustrated me the most was my apparent inability to find on-line a wiring diagram that showed wire colours. Connector pin-outs - lots of those.

So my friends in the Montreal area - do you recognize this car? Bought new in Ontario, spent most of its life in the Montreal area. Rombotis actually feature it on their web site, slightly remember the car, but not the owner sadly. I'd love to chat with one of the three owners over the years in Montreal - no, not about the radio, done with that. Interested in the engine history - stock turbo - doesn't feel like it, suspension mods, tune? Love the car. Happy to have it.

Gordon Varney (gordon.varney@audiclubna.ca or 519.771.6444)