2020 Leadership Election for Eastern Canada

2020 Election happens the first two weeks of September 2019. Here are your candidates.

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Michael Clackson

Interested in being the Ottawa area director

Greeting ACNA Community,

Like many of us, my love for great cars began as a child, from staring at the Lamborghini Countach poster on my bedroom wall to being enamoured by my neighbour's old school Datsun to looking inside my buddy's dad's 70's Stingray, I have always loved cars.  Over the years this relationship has blossomed and grown stronger and deeper with each vehicle I've owned.

That list includes a 1960 maroon Dodge Monaco, a rusted, red 1987 Mustang, a black and blue 1988 Mustang, a black and lime green 1990 Plymouth Laser converted into a Mitsubishi Eclipse, a black 2006 Chrysler 300 AWD, and a white 2012 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR.

I've had some amazing, unfortunate, and interesting automotive experiences along the way, all of which, for better or worse, turned me into the enthusiast I am today.  My 1988 Mustang caught fire and burned to the ground in my driveway.  My Laser/Eclipse was stolen by a car thief in Saskatoon and recovered by police in Edmonton.  Due to a period of reckless driving, stunting, speeding, and street racing, my driver's licence hit -37 before being suspended, I was forced to attend safe driver training, pay thousands in fines, and when I first moved to Ontario I was deemed uninsurable.  I've driven cars in multiple countries on 3 continents including driving on both the left and right sides of the road.  I attended an official unveiling of the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII at an opera house in Lviv, Ukraine, went supercar spotting in Dubai, visited the King of Jordan's car collection in Amman, and toured an armoured vehicle factory here in Canada.  This year I finally attended the Toronto International Auto Show.

All of these cars and experiences have led me to the present...

On September 10, 2018, I picked up my 2018 Glacier White Audi RS3 with black optics, carbon fibre trim, and red stitching and brakes.  From the first drive, I was in love.  All these years led me to this car.  It was exactly what I wanted, what I'd hoped it would be - a fiendishly fast, AWD, sport sedan with understated good looks, a luxurious interior, and a snarling, crackling exhaust.  I've already added more carbon fibre, aftermarket wheels, and numerous small aesthetic pieces and this is only the beginning.

It's this passion and love that drive all of us in the auto enthusiast community.  Since acquiring my RS3, I dove headfirst into the Ottawa automotive scene and am presently affiliated with multiple Ottawa area car clubs/groups, including the Audi Club of North America (ACNA).  I've only been involved in the ACNA for the past six months or so, but I've already attended a few events with the club, namely Eurocracy.

I'm a driven professional, who is passionate about cars and the Audi brand.  I'm a friendly, outgoing person with natural leadership abilities.  What I would like to bring to the ACNA in the Ottawa area is increased involvement, engagement, and membership through direct participation at the grassroots level of the Ottawa car enthusiast community, i.e. weekly M&M meets, local show & shines, track days, cruise events, cars & coffee gatherings, and synergizing with other German focused car clubs in the Ottawa area.  Additionally, I'd like to continue increasing the ACNA profile at larger, more established events, including Eurocracy, Cars on Fire, Race the Runway, and the Berlin Klassik.

Four Rings to Rule Them All.

Mike Clackson


James Morrison


Hello all my name is James Morrison, at a young age I was obsessed with the MK3 harlequin golf, always told myself one day I would buy one, when the day came to own a VW I bought a 2001 Golf MK4 GTI it needed some work but eventually I made it my own! List of mods are to long to write down but everything was done plus a big turbo!!!! 

My next VW purchase was a 2017 Golf R, which is currently heavily modified, I do love Audi’s but my heart will always be with VW.  

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 8.47.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 8.46.31 PM.png

William McLauchlan

Long before I got my driver's license many moons ago I’ve always been in love with Euro cars, but especially VW/Audi.

I’ll never forget seeing my first MKII 16 valve GTI. Those round headlights staring back at me was love at first sight. 

I grew up in a small town and would see the gentleman driving the car pretty much every day. I’d always give him the thumbs up and he’d smile back and wave. I never got to own one but I did buy an MKII Jetta as my second car when I was about 18. From the way, it drove to the way it sounded simply closing the door and hearing that solid thud. I was hooked!!

Unfortunately, a guy ran a red light, t-boned me in the driver's door and totalled it. I walked away with only a wicked charlie horse and a heavy heart.

After that, I purchased another MKII Jetta that I drove for years. I laid her to rest just short of 400,000 km. So many memories remain to this day. 

Fast forward a few years and my next Vdub was an MKIV Jetta 1.8t black on black, dressed up to look like a GLI. She was a real beauty. Though this love affair was short-lived, she was stolen, never to be seen again. I still miss her to this day. 

I went a few years before purchasing a D2 VR6 Passat. It was slammed, on some sweet BBS mags and I can still remember that beautiful exhaust note. It was like music to my ears. 

Then it happened, my friends boss bought a B7 S4 Avant in 2008. He called me up and said, you have to try this car, it is unreal. 

I’ll never forget hearing the sound of that glorious V8 pulling up in front of my house. He got out of the car, held the driver's door open and motioned me to drive. Who could resist, I sat on those gorgeous Recaro’s and gripped the steering wheel with both hands. This car had my name written all over it.

After going for a spirited drive, I looked at my friend and told him,  one day I will own one.

It’s ironic that I’m writing my blog today August 24, 2019. Because today is the 5 year anniversary of me purchasing my B7 S4 saloon. 

I’ve put a lot of time and money into her over the years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I still turn around and look at her as I walk away every day. She may not be the fastest or break many necks when I drive-by but the feeling I get every time I turn the key and hear that rumble is what makes me the happiest. 

Joining the Audi Club of North America and being able to share this passion with others has been an amazing experience. So many rides and meets with awesome people makes for some great memories. I cherish being part of this four-ring family. 

Some may say it’s only a car! 

To this I reply

No, it’s a way of life


Sebastien Kierszka

Like many other young boys, my passion for cars started at a very young age. Sitting in the back seat and glancing through the windows while driving around town and looking for nice cars, asking my father how much each of them cost.  He certainly shared his passion for luxurious cars with me and this passion never stopped growing. Reading car-related books and magazines, dreaming to the day I would own my very own vehicle.  

Each car I’ve own I have developed a very strong connection, which always made it very hard for me to part ways with them. If only I could have kept them all, I would certainly have a tangible set of memories still with me.  For me, a car is like a rough diamond, it needs polishing to show its real beauty. This is why I’ve been personalizing each car I’ve owned to my personal taste. This passion for modding cars increased drastically when I acquired my first Subaru, right after I got fed up of the mechanical issue from my very first brand new car that I ended up changing after only 18 months.

Then came my first Subaru, a second hand 2003 WRX platinum silver metallic. This is when I found an online forum called the Montreal Subaru Club (MSC) where I connected with many other owners sharing the same passion for cars, tuning and races. I have learned all that was to learn on Subaru going down to the technical details of each generation.  Got to meet amazing people in different gatherings over the years, many of them became a good friend to this day.  I had become an administrator on the forum and got fully committed with the local car community by creating different events and make opportunities for all of us to spend time at different racing events, a nice dinner or just out for a few beers. Over the years, my car changed drastically from its initial form. Had replaced the whole front clip to a V8 JDM, a V7 JDM STi 2.0l engine, the big old STi wing came to complement the back, STi struts with Prodrive coils, multiple turbo-back setups until I got the perfect rumble I was after and so much more. This is definitely the one car I regret the most selling and wish I could have kept in my garage for a Sunday drive or some fun on the track. But it has allowed me to upgrade to a newer, more reliable one, to drive my new family around. 

The following Subaru was yet another WRX, a brand new 2013.  This time around, I did not modify the car to the same extent as my previous one. I’ve certainly learned a few hard lessons with a blown engine, a radiator hose that leaked coolant on a very cold evening on December 25th in the middle of nowhere. This time I’ve decided to only change a few esthetic parts to make it stand out and put my personal signature to the car’s look. A few years in of owning the car, I started looking into Audis, dreaming about the day I could own my very own S4. Last 2 years I owned the car I just spend all my time debating if I should upgrade or not to an S4.  

After a lot of back and forth, I’ve decided to buy my very first German car, leaving behind me 12 years of owning Subarus. What was supposed to be a used B8.5 S4 ended up becoming more than I was dreaming of:  I bought a brand new B9 S4. Needless to say that I started putting my own touch to it just a few weeks after receiving her.  I’ve been connecting with other Audi fans over the Internet on forums and group pages, meeting them at different car meets and finding the same bond with other car owners like I did in the past with a different brand.  This connection with other fans definitely ramped me up on the different tuning options and gave me inspirations on what could be done to it.  

 After attending different meets, I got approached to join the leadership team of the club. My passion, my drive, my enthusiasm and my people-oriented personality must have caught the attention of some and wanted to have me on board to help drive the club forward in the Quebec region. Even though I don’t work in sales, I’ve always had an ease to talk with people and be convincible, which helped me get in touch with different shop owners and entrepreneurs to find ways to work together on building a relationship with the club that could benefit all our members. 

I believe to be a good ambassador not only to the Audi Club NA but also to the Audi brand.  I’ve been connecting with many owners on social media, both in French and in English, sharing my passion through my pictures as I’ve been combining two strong passions together with my car photography.  I hope to bring people together, bring them reasons to join our group of passionate and possibly make friends along the way like I did in the past.  My background working in big companies helped me develop over the years good skillsets when it comes to processes, communication and structure, all of which I believe can help the Club. 

Jean-Philippe Lebrun


Comme plusieurs d'entre vous je suis un passionné de voiture depuis mon enfance. Un de mes jouets préféré était une Porsche 993 rouge ! Depuis peu papa d'un magnifique garçon, je lui transmet ma passion pour l'automobile en collectionnant avec lui les hotwheels et en l'amenant dans les meets de char et autres événements. Je travaille depuis plus de 10 ans dans une concession Audi, je suis maintenant commis au département des pièces avec une certification master. Passionné de voiture Allemande et de photographie, je possède ma première Audi depuis maintenant 4 ans, une A4 2014 avec quelques légères modifications et je suis encore en amour comme au premier jour. Ma conjointe possède un Q5 3.2 ... alors toutes la famille est en Audi !

Co-fondateur du #meetthaizonestluc j'organise et participe des meets de char sur la rive-sud de Montréal et environ depuis plusieurs années. Je peut amener au club de l'aide pour l'organisation d'événements, rencontre, ride, meets etc... je peut également donner un prix garage (rabais de 15 a 20%) et de l'assistance pour les pièces a tout les membres du club.

Mes modèles Audi favoris

- Audi quattro 90 IMSA GTO

- Avant (familiale/wagon)

- quattro 

- ANY 5 CYL. turbo !!!

Modèles Audi que j'ai eu la chance d'essayer

- R8 V10 (r-tronic et s-tronic)

- TTRS (6MT & DSG)

- RS5 2015

- RS3

- A8L 

- Q8

et bien d'autre...

Un de mes moments Audi favoris

- vieux docu. vhs " secrets of speed : unfair advantage " 

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer et partager notre passion.


JPL 1.jpg



Philippe Dijon

Petite Biographie Automobile/Audi


Je m’appelle Philippe Dijon, Webmaster, Enseignant et chef d’entreprise, je suis un passionné d’Audi.

Après un passage en tant que photographe pour une équipe des rencontres Peugeot sport, le milieu de l’automobile m’a toujours attiré.

Ma première expérience avec le groupe VAG fut ma première Golf GTI suivi de deux autres. Elles furent suivies par une Golf R32 DSG 2004. En 2008, à mon arrivée au Québec, mes moyens devenant plus importants, dû principalement au taux de change euro/CAD, j’ai pu changer et essayer les modèles Volkswagen R32 2008, Touareg V6 et V8. Est venue enfin ma période Audi, marque forte à mon cœur, que je n’ai toujours pas quitté. Après deux Audi S4, un Q7 et une S6 est enfin arrivé le temps de la R8 V10 Plus et celui de la RS3.

Ma R32 DSG 2004 m’a permis, après avoir suivi quelques cours de pilotage sur terre chez GET Cergy, de m’initier au pilotage sur circuit automobile (Folembray, Lurcy-Lévis, Les Écuyers, Le Mans, Nogaro…). Depuis mon arrivée au Canada, d’autres expériences ont suivi Napierville, le circuit du mont Tremblant, Icar, Sanair ou encore, grâce à Audi Expériences, le circuit automobile de l’ile de Vancouver et même quelques mises à jour de mon pilotage chez Jim Russel.

Au Québec, je participe régulièrement aux activités du Club Audi Québec, j’organise des rides, participe, lorsque mes obligations professionnelles me le permettent, aux meetings locaux tels EuroLife, Mardis Euro - Orange Julep Mardis Euro …. Je participe aux activités de l’Eurokracy ou du QuattroFest, pendant lesquelles j’offre gratuitement des baptêmes de piste pour ceux qui veulent connaitre les cessations euphoriques de la conduite d’une Audi sur une piste.

Voilà donc, en quelques mots, quels sont mes expériences et mon parcours dans le monde de l’automobile et qui m’a mené à aimer la marque Audi.

David Wu

I’m a software developer by trait and a husband to my loving and patient wife and proud father to an amazing son. My second love is the car company that creates exceptional vehicles, Audi. My voyage to the Audisphere happened in 2009, when I bought a used 2001 A6 2.8, with a dark blue exterior and a beige interior. It was a very unique combination, but the colours compliment each other like peanut butter and jam. The more I drove the A6, the bigger my smile got. I realized that I made the correct choice with this Audi because it had the right balance of power, style and luxury. I remember standing on my porch one day and looking at the silhouette of the A6, the only word that came to mind was drop-dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, in 2017, I had sold the A6 because my house only had room for one vehicle and that was taken up by a Ford Explorer. I knew I wanted another Audi because the A6 redefined my definition of a car. Once the lease of the previous car ended, I did not hesitate and got the car I am driving now, the 2019 Q5 Technik. Driving this car refuelled my passion, and more importantly, bring back that grin.

Benjamin Phan

Bonjour , je présente mon petit parcours dans le monde de Audi

J'ai 41 ans: dans la vie je touche à tout ce qui me passionne.  Par exemple l'informatique, le design graphique, le snowboard ( Quattro aide à mon déplacement ) ,la cuisine, la photographie et bien sûr le monde automobile depuis ma jeunesse.

J'ai commencé dans le monde automobile aussitôt que j'ai eu mon permis à l'âge de 16 ans avec des voitures japonaises pour ensuite me diriger vers les Allemandes pour mon premier VW golf, ensuite tout a commencé en 2000 avec ma Audi A4 1.8T, qui est ensuite devenue stage 3 pour ensuite passer avec une S4 2.7TT stage 3. 

La famille s'est agrandie avec ma dernière Audi en 2009: une Audi S6 Avant 2002. Dénichée à Halifax, j’ai pris un vol pour ensuite la rapporter au Québec. 

Je suis très présent dans le monde de la performance Européenne. Je travaille avec plusieurs garages de performance ( Rombotis Tuning , Strasse Autowerks ) et en collaboration avec plusieurs compagnies ( Handler Wheels, Super Speed wheels, Liqui Moly et j'en passe. ) Photographe officiel pour plusieurs partenaires, je m'occupe de leurs médias sociaux et de leur design graphique et je suis très présent dans la communauté de Audi/VW à Montréal.

Ben Phan 1.png

Ben Phan 2.png

Ben Phan 3.png

Ben Phan 4.png

Marius Enache

"I'm a guy that loves everything with an engine that can go fast. I grew up in Eastern Europe, spectating rally stages and hill-climb events from a young age where occasionally I had the opportunity to see some Audi Quattro S1 monsters in action.
I learned how to drive on a big '73 Mercedes W115 220D with 5-speed manual that my father used to own.
I've been an Audi enthusiast for the last decade, member of the old Toronto Audi club since before some of the members merged with Audi True North, I am part of that group as well and some other smaller local ones, west of GTA. I like to attend local meets, car shows and motorsport events.
When it comes to cars I prefer the ones with rear hatch doors, that are not SUVs, can go fast and have a manual transmission. So I love speed and practicality.
I currently own a tuned manual A3 hatchback with a very long list of modifications, which I daily and track occasionally. And an A4 Avant tuned and with a few mods, used as family car and for road trips.
I can mod, diagnose and repair VAG cars, I did all upgrade mods on my cars including taking the A3 engine and transmission apart for upgrades and repairs.

Bottom line: I'm a petrol-head, Audi fan, track enthusiast, friends and family mechanic/handyman/tech guy, husband and father. And for my professional career, I am an IT manager and mentor.
I can help with organizational, logistical, administrative, technical and IT tasks as well as any hands-on work at various events. "

Cristina Battick

Sr. Marketing Manager for a large manufacturing firm in Cambridge. Graphic Designer by trade and very passionate about branding. I'm married, with a 5-year-old son. My first Audi happened when car shopping for another BMW. Reluctant to even think of switching brands, I was sold as soon as I took that little A4 out for a test drive. Fast forward 9 years and I've just acquired my 4th Audi. It's not just a car; it's true engineering. The excitement every single time I get into my S5 is unmatched to any other vehicle I've owned. When you turn around just to get another look of your car after you've walked away and whisper "She's mine" is an emotion i never thought existed between person and machine but it does. It's true love. Love the brand, love the marketing, love everything Audi does and feel very fortunate to be part of this family. I became a member late last year (2018) and feel that our activity level and exposure to Audi has increased tremendously. Last year, my husband and I partook in the Audi Driving Experience, and it was incredible. That's when i fell in love with the S5! I have been assisting Gordon with various marketing items such as the mirror parking hang tags, shirts, stickers, lanyards and have brainstormed ideas for future events and ways I can assist. I would love to contribute more of my time to this family from a marketing standpoint and look forward to future events and meetings with the team. 

John Staffi

My name is John Staffi, Technical Director at Unitronic, die-hard Motorsports enthusiasts with a strong passion for everything Audi for 2 decades and counting.  I currently drive an 800hp Glacier White 2018 Audi TT RS and a 2018 Audi S4.  Aside from purely the Audi-passion, I bring an unparalleled amount of resource to Audi Club NA Eastern Canada through leveraging my experience in the fast-paced niche Audi/VW enthusiast space and motorsports segments.  Having owned a slew of both Audi's and Volkswagen's throughout the years, and a plethora of experience developing high-performance ECU Calibrations and Hardware Upgrades, I'm in touch with the enthusiast community, and am looking forward to having the opportunity to bring others into the enthusiast space to develop a life long passion for the Audi brand.  In addition to my position at Unitronic, I'm also involved in our Professional Motorsports Program, campaigning the Unitronic No.17 Audi RS 3 LMS TCR in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge.  With the experience I have, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to Audi Club NA Eastern Canada Chapter that will help grow the community and make a long-lasting mark for generations to come. #OwnEverySecond

John Staffi TTRS.jpg

Unitronic RS3.jpeg

Kurt Battick

I am a software engineer for a large software company based in the US. I'm married with two kids, 11 and 5 and live right on the border Kitchener-Waterloo. I have been an Audi fan for many years, and have owned 7 Audi's in the last 9 years with my wife. I became a member late 2018 at an event at our local Audi dealership. I'm part of the leadership team since and branching out to managing PRO members and keeping the database current. I've been working with Gord in finding various sponsors to collaborate with on, such Pirelli and Michelin this past year. Since becoming a member, I've felt that my connection to this brand has evolved more than I ever thought possible in the respect of the driving events, various car meets, golfing events and the driving experience last year we attended. The Audi family is unique in the sense that I've never had an interest in donating my time to any other car brand or be involved with events, but Audi is a love of mine and the more I hang out with people that share the same passion, the more obsessed I become and determined to get my dream car; R8. 

Aric Repp 

I am a current member of the Audi Club of North America in the Eastern Canada Chapter. I have a wonderful wife who indulges me in my love of cars while I indulge her love of horses. She says if I can have 333 horses, she can have 1! I live in Ottawa and work as a Project Manager for the Department of National Defence.

I have had the car bug since 1994 when I was 16 and bought a 1974 VW Karmann Ghia. It was my first foray into European cars, and I have never looked back since. I have dabbled with other brands, but always end up back with Audi. I was lucky enough to have owned a 2008 RS4 which was the greatest car I have ever owned. I have only ever been able to replicate the passion and emotion that car made me feel in another Audi.

I find myself in a place in my life where I can use the skills I have developed over my career to give back to the community. I would love to be able to share the passion I have for Audi with others and see the Canadian Audi Club community be represented from coast to coast. I’d love to use my skills to engage with new and existing members with the goal of exploring their interests and what they would like from this community. I would love to see the Club represented at car shows across the country, tech days at local garages, and drive days cruising the most beautiful parts of our country. I would also love to see the creation of a website with a forum on it. This would bring our community together, giving members the ability to be directly involved by proposing events, sharing their own stories, and helping each other.

I would love the opportunity to work with you all to bring our community together! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio, and I hope to have the opportunity to represent you in the East!