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Welcome. We are the Eastern Canada Chapter.

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These are our most popular things to do: drives with a few (or a lot of) cars, annual and recurring local events, tech sessions including dyno-days and lapping, track-based events, and interesting destination outings. Click here to visit Eastern and more events scheduled. 


We use our News section to hold quite a variety of information. You can find things such as tech Q&A, incentive and discount overviews, member stories, and of course, the occasional rant. Click here to jump over to News.


There are many things your driving instructor really should have taught you. We've got a team working on teen driving clinics, ice driving weekends, performance driving. Watch the Events page here, the occasional News entry here, and the email blasts.


We communicate in various ways, some public, some just for members. Social venues include Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin. Also offer an irregular email newsletter, this site, a monthly virtual/online drop-in, and a quarterly tech session. Social links are here.

Upcoming and Recent...

Upcoming - Oro Station Track Visit - join us for a cruise up to Barrie and over to the airport where we'll have lunch and meet with the developers of the new Oro Station track. Weather permitting, we'll be able to go out for a drive around the (not-yet-completed) track. Planning for April, membership and registration required. Oro Station info here, more cruise info here



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Oil Additives - Legit or Snake Oil?

April 4 24 - Vito from and Fraz from Liqui Moly. Event page and vid here.

A long time ago, in Oconomowoc Wisconsin of all places...


Audi Club NA is a registered, educational, not-for-profit organization. The club is the only Audi enthusiast group in North America recognized by Audi AG, Audi Canada, and Audi of America.

We are a private club, you are welcome to apply. Does that sound stuffy? We aren't. Don't own an Audi - no problem, about 20% of our members don't. Many belong (or have belonged) to other clubs - we hear time and time again that we are (somehow) more fun.

We cover vintage (Audi Traditions^) to current (e-trons^), daily-driven family cars to track cars, bone stock (which at Audi can be pretty cool) to highly modified, SUVs, and more.

What members say about us...

Since joining, we've gone on three cruises (love Niagara Falls!) and attended a BBQ held at members’ gorgeous home in Brantford.

Although, my hubby is passionate about cars; for me, it’s more about friendships. We’ve made amazing friends and I feel we are part of a community.

The Audi Club community!

Eva // Joined 2019 //
blue tt.jpg

My dad was a car enthusiast. I remember working with him on his prized possession, a Sunbeam Tiger. A few years ago, life/family/career allowed me to rekindle my own automotive passion. For reasons that escape me now, I was shopping for a Mini.

Stumbled across a TT (which I really knew nothing about) and the club. Haven't looked back. I've made a number of great friends, been on cruises, taken advantage of member discounts, and tweaked my TT with the support of a number of sharing members.

My son and daughter have got involved too.

Graham // Joined 2020 //

Apparently, I'm one of the longest current members. I'm a vintage racer with an Audi, and spent close to 30 years as a Master Technician and Foreman at a major Audi dealership. As well as seeing Audi’s model line expand and get more technologically advanced, I still have great passion for the history and the vintage Audis. I've seen the club and chapter pass through many stages and leaders, during these years of Audi development and growth.

My first club event was at the legendary Watkins Glen International Speedway in 1998. The Club has provided important contacts, access to vendors, and insight into what others are doing. I look forward to each magazine issue.

I appreciate the opportunity to give back to the Club and fellow enthusiasts. Solid group.

Perry // Joined 1998 //
Philippes R8 at Blainville

J'ai rencontré le Club Audi lors d'un salon automobile auquel j'avais été invité chez Audi Blainville, une concession à Laval.

Phillippe // Member since 2019 //